Using addressContext

After installing and restarting, whenever a message is right-clicked, a new option should be available in the context menu:

screenshot 1

context menu image

Simply choose one of these and a dialog will be invoked, depending on whether the Sender or Recipients are being added as a list or as individual cards:

Adding a new Card:

screenshot 2

adding a new Email

Adding a new Mailing List:

screenshot 3
adding a new mailing list

Address Cleanup

To speed up the address book entry process, addressContext attempts to clean up the information provided. If the email is provided in the format "User Name" <> or User Name <> addressContext takes User Name as the DisplayName and as the e-mail. Further, it will take the last full word in the Display Name as the Last Name and the rest of the Display Name as the First Name. Though this format isn't applicable in all cases, it is at least a way of getting the information into the Add Card screen.

Finally, the newest version of addressContext also looks for and removes duplicate email entries, so adding an entire Inbox will not yield a large amount of duplicate entries.

The addresscontext project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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